About Me

Here’s a little Bio about me.

My name is Michael Prevatt,  I am a Husband of over 36 years, And Father of 2 Beautiful Girls. I have worked in Construction all my life. And it has Been Good to my Family. Before the Kids started School. My wife and I Traveled to wherever the Work was. But when the Kids go to the age to start School. Well we Decided to find a Area where there was a lot of Growing in the Area. So I would have a lot of work for a long time. And It worked out. I have been very Busy and Doing good. My Kids are all Grown up and have their own Lives now. So what to do Now. Well I am still in Construction and My Business is still doing good. And I am Grateful for that.
I am also an Affiliate Marketer, Like you are wanting to be.  Being an Affiliate Marketer is not easy By yourself.  I know I tried so hard. And I never got any Traction Until I got Help from the right person. That is what made all the difference.
Now things are a lot easier for me.
And I would love to help make your online Journey Much smoother than I went through.
Thanks for reading my BIO.
Michael Prevatt