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Are you staying Focused

I hope you are . If not you really need to Get ride of all the Emails coming in to your Inbox Every Day.

So UNSUBSRIBE from most of them Especially the ones you don’t Open and Read.

It is very Important to do this.

You will feel better.

I know I did. Then get busy on things that will make you money.

How Much time do you spend on your Business Each Day.

Well this is what I do. I make sure Mon thru Fri. I spend at least an Hour Working on my Marketing Business.

Now On the week ends I don’t do anything online. I spend the time with Family.

And I get back at it. Now don’t get me Wrong If I need to spend more time I will. But I do work at least a Hour each day in it.

That way I am always moving forward. And I mean Working Not Checking Email That is not Working. That is Wasting time. See you need to Unsubscribe from all the Marketers. If you do not open there Emails.

Trust me you will be better off not getting them. This way you can Just Focus on Your Work.

This post is Short I’m getting ready to go on Vacation In 2 days. I can’t wait.

Thank’s for Reading my Short Post. And Have a good Day.

Michael Prevatt.

OH and if your Looking for a Some good Training go the Home page and Optin to get your Free Report.

How to Stay Focused On Your Online Business

Yes it is Hard to stay Focused On your Daily Task. For your Business.

First thing is Unsubscribe from the Email List you don’t care about.

Yes if you Don’t see them You are not Tempted to waist time Looking at them.

You see The Subject line’s are so good they will Distract you. And you mite Buy some more Junk. And Waist more time. You don’t want to be Wasting time Any more.

If you Subscribe here with me. You will Get a PDF Guide that will help you. And then You will see A Sales page of a Product of A product that will show you what you need to be doing every day. I use the same product every day. And it is all I need. Very Simple.

So if you already have a Product you have Bought And you Like it And you want to Use it Then you must stay FOCUSED on it. Don’t get Sidetracked. You must Become a Expert at What you are doing. That means working on your Business Every Day. It really don’t matter how much time you spend Just do it Every Day.

I hope I have helped you. In some way Till next Post

Michael Prevatt In joying the Journey.

Ways you can Market your DIGITAL Products

Hi I hope your doing Good today. It is Fri and I wanted to Wright a Quik,

Post for you.

Now WOW there are so many ways to Market / Advertise It is Crazy

I have tried a lot of them So here we go.

1. Google ads Well I am Banned as of Now from them. Crazy I got a Coarse that

Had everything DFY so all I had to do is just Upload it to my Google ads Account Easy right. Well I did not have a Bridge page set up at the time I Uploaded and Google started Looking and Disaproveing all the Ads. And befor I know it thay Banned me. Wow.

AND I reached out to Dispute it . But they said it did not matter and I am Still

Banned. SO if you are going to Advertise with Google Make sure you use a Bridge Page /Landing page Just make sure Everything is Ready Before you start.

2. Facebook Well that is a sore Subject as well. I first tried running some ads. And Guess What Yep I got My Account Banned as well I did not even know what I did.

I was Promoting a CPA Gamming Product where Just the Image was not what they

wanted. But reaching out to them is not fast It was accouple of Days later Before

Face book got back with me. And then It was just a Vage answer. So I had to ask them another question And they did let me back on to advertise again.

And my Ad got Approved. Yea my ad ran for a day and then Facebook Stoped it and said I needed to change it. So I had no Idea Again what Was wrong.

I am banned from 3 or 4 Accounts I made for running ads. It is Crazy.

So if Running Facebook Ads is something you want to try. Read all Guide Lines.

And be Carful. And do not run any ads from your main account. Just make a Facebook Business account. And if it get’s it get’s shut down It want affect your regular Facebook account. To be Honest I don’t like Facebook at all. Too much Bad Blood for me LOL.

3. You also have Bing ads that are ok Make sure to use a Bridge Page or Optin Page.

4. Youtube ads are good also If you have a google account you can run ads on Youtube

And then you have SOLOs ads One of my Fav. You see you can get Traffic Fast

I like Fast. you just need to make sure you have a good Follow up Series of emails ready to go out when people sign up. That is very Important. Because if you don’t make sales on the Front End. You can make sales from the follow up emails that go out every day

to remind them.

Well Im ready to get out side it is a pretty day here. I need some Sunshine.

Have a good weekend.

Do you have A Plain For Your Business

I know when I got Started I had no Plan. And guess what happened.

If you said It did not go to well. YOU ARE Right I wasted so much money. And Time on looking for an Easy way. To make money. Well I never got any where.

All I was doing was Chasing the Shinny Objects That Promised Fast Results. You may have been doing the same thing. It is sad. We get on Marketers List and they do

what they Do. And that is Market. And it works. I fell for it and maybe you did too. I would Buy a Product Software or Training and sometimes Both. Go thru the Training

And start working on it. And then wow the very next Day. You Guessed it I would open

another Marketers Email And you know what I did. Yep I bought it too. And then I would

Go thru that Training and the Sycle just keep going like that. Very SAD.

Well It never Worked. Because I never stuck to anything long enough to let it work and I did not stick with it. I did this for years. Over and Over.

SO I took some Advise from a Fellow Marketer and he said to Unsubscribe from all Marketers that did not give any Value to me. Other than just Sending me Marketing Emails Every Day.

So that’s what I did. Unsubscribed from Dam Near All Marketers. I just keep the ones

that would Answer’s my Questions and gave me some Value. So you need to do the same. See You need to pick a How you want to Market and Sick to it till you Become a Master at it. Don’t Quit just keep Changing it up till you get some traction and see some success. And only then you my Start Doing something different. This way you become a Expert at what you are doing.

In my next post we will go over some of the Different ways you can Market your Products. I hope I have Helped you some. I am here to save you from wasting a lot of Time on Crap that is not going to help you.

Michael Prevatt.

Where to Find Affiliate Company’s

Hi Thanks for stopping by My Blog.

Well I can tell you there are Plenty of Affiliate Company’s

We will List some of the main one’s But you can Google if you need More.

So here we go.

#1 Click Bank is one of the Main Affiliate Companys and it is Free to Sign up as a Affiliate.

#2 JV Zoo is another one Free to sign up as a affiliate

#3 Warrior Plus is a good one as well Also it is free to sign up as a affiliate

The one’s Above: I use Most of the time.

#4 Paykickstart is another one I am a Affiliate for. I don’t promote from there much But it is a good one. And has good Offers.

#5 Amozon I don’t Promote on there at all the pay out for Affiliate’s is not much.

Not like the Company’s Above. there pay outs are 50% and sometimes More.

#6 Walmart has affiliate program I don’ Use them. But you mite want to.

And there are Many Many More. So if you want to find out if a company has

a affiliate Program. Do this Type the Name of the Company and After the Name Right

Affiliate Like BestBuy Affiliate and you can fine out that way.

And there are CPA Networks you can Join and Promote there Products.

Wow there are so many Products and Companys to use But If I was you

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing. I would just stay with the Companys

Above. They are Easy and you can be ready to Start Promoting Very Quick.

As for as CPA offer go to and you will fine evertthing to promote.

It is Crazy at all the products Fiscal and Digital you can promote.

But they are not as easy to promote with them. So I would wait

Till You get some Experience under your Belt.

Affiliate Marketing Does it work!!

Well the Sort Anserwer is Yes. But if you have ever tried well

It is not as Easy as some Mite Tell you. I know this First Hand.

I have been Dabbling in Online Marketing for some Years now.

And I am still Learning. It is not Easy So I wanted to start A Blog to Help you.

To Maybe not make the Same Mistake’s as I have

So you must ask yourself what is your Passion. I went in to the Make money on Line area. it is also MMO if you see that. That is what it Means.

You can be a Affiliate in Anything really. It is Crazy really. Be thinking about that

and we will cover some of the types of Affiliate Marketing you can do. Till next time

Michael P.