How Much time do you spend on your Business Each Day.

Well this is what I do. I make sure Mon thru Fri. I spend at least an Hour Working on my Marketing Business.

Now On the week ends I don’t do anything online. I spend the time with Family.

And I get back at it. Now don’t get me Wrong If I need to spend more time I will. But I do work at least a Hour each day in it.

That way I am always moving forward. And I mean Working Not Checking Email That is not Working. That is Wasting time. See you need to Unsubscribe from all the Marketers. If you do not open there Emails.

Trust me you will be better off not getting them. This way you can Just Focus on Your Work.

This post is Short I’m getting ready to go on Vacation In 2 days. I can’t wait.

Thank’s for Reading my Short Post. And Have a good Day.

Michael Prevatt.

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