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Do you have A Plain For Your Business

I know when I got Started I had no Plan. And guess what happened.

If you said It did not go to well. YOU ARE Right I wasted so much money. And Time on looking for an Easy way. To make money. Well I never got any where.

All I was doing was Chasing the Shinny Objects That Promised Fast Results. You may have been doing the same thing. It is sad. We get on Marketers List and they do

what they Do. And that is Market. And it works. I fell for it and maybe you did too. I would Buy a Product Software or Training and sometimes Both. Go thru the Training

And start working on it. And then wow the very next Day. You Guessed it I would open

another Marketers Email And you know what I did. Yep I bought it too. And then I would

Go thru that Training and the Sycle just keep going like that. Very SAD.

Well It never Worked. Because I never stuck to anything long enough to let it work and I did not stick with it. I did this for years. Over and Over.

SO I took some Advise from a Fellow Marketer and he said to Unsubscribe from all Marketers that did not give any Value to me. Other than just Sending me Marketing Emails Every Day.

So that’s what I did. Unsubscribed from Dam Near All Marketers. I just keep the ones

that would Answer’s my Questions and gave me some Value. So you need to do the same. See You need to pick a How you want to Market and Sick to it till you Become a Master at it. Don’t Quit just keep Changing it up till you get some traction and see some success. And only then you my Start Doing something different. This way you become a Expert at what you are doing.

In my next post we will go over some of the Different ways you can Market your Products. I hope I have Helped you some. I am here to save you from wasting a lot of Time on Crap that is not going to help you.

Michael Prevatt.