Ways you can Market your DIGITAL Products

Hi I hope your doing Good today. It is Fri and I wanted to Wright a Quik,

Post for you.

Now WOW there are so many ways to Market / Advertise It is Crazy

I have tried a lot of them So here we go.

1. Google ads Well I am Banned as of Now from them. Crazy I got a Coarse that

Had everything DFY so all I had to do is just Upload it to my Google ads Account Easy right. Well I did not have a Bridge page set up at the time I Uploaded and Google started Looking and Disaproveing all the Ads. And befor I know it thay Banned me. Wow.

AND I reached out to Dispute it . But they said it did not matter and I am Still

Banned. SO if you are going to Advertise with Google Make sure you use a Bridge Page /Landing page Just make sure Everything is Ready Before you start.

2. Facebook Well that is a sore Subject as well. I first tried running some ads. And Guess What Yep I got My Account Banned as well I did not even know what I did.

I was Promoting a CPA Gamming Product where Just the Image was not what they

wanted. But reaching out to them is not fast It was accouple of Days later Before

Face book got back with me. And then It was just a Vage answer. So I had to ask them another question And they did let me back on to advertise again.

And my Ad got Approved. Yea my ad ran for a day and then Facebook Stoped it and said I needed to change it. So I had no Idea Again what Was wrong.

I am banned from 3 or 4 Accounts I made for running ads. It is Crazy.

So if Running Facebook Ads is something you want to try. Read all Guide Lines.

And be Carful. And do not run any ads from your main account. Just make a Facebook Business account. And if it get’s it get’s shut down It want affect your regular Facebook account. To be Honest I don’t like Facebook at all. Too much Bad Blood for me LOL.

3. You also have Bing ads that are ok Make sure to use a Bridge Page or Optin Page.

4. Youtube ads are good also If you have a google account you can run ads on Youtube

And then you have SOLOs ads One of my Fav. You see you can get Traffic Fast

I like Fast. you just need to make sure you have a good Follow up Series of emails ready to go out when people sign up. That is very Important. Because if you don’t make sales on the Front End. You can make sales from the follow up emails that go out every day

to remind them.

Well Im ready to get out side it is a pretty day here. I need some Sunshine.

Have a good weekend.

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