Where to Find Affiliate Company’s

Hi Thanks for stopping by My Blog.

Well I can tell you there are Plenty of Affiliate Company’s

We will List some of the main one’s But you can Google if you need More.

So here we go.

#1 Click Bank is one of the Main Affiliate Companys and it is Free to Sign up as a Affiliate.

#2 JV Zoo is another one Free to sign up as a affiliate

#3 Warrior Plus is a good one as well Also it is free to sign up as a affiliate

The one’s Above: I use Most of the time.

#4 Paykickstart is another one I am a Affiliate for. I don’t promote from there much But it is a good one. And has good Offers.

#5 Amozon I don’t Promote on there at all the pay out for Affiliate’s is not much.

Not like the Company’s Above. there pay outs are 50% and sometimes More.

#6 Walmart has affiliate program I don’ Use them. But you mite want to.

And there are Many Many More. So if you want to find out if a company has

a affiliate Program. Do this Type the Name of the Company and After the Name Right

Affiliate Like BestBuy Affiliate and you can fine out that way.

And there are CPA Networks you can Join and Promote there Products.

Wow there are so many Products and Companys to use But If I was you

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing. I would just stay with the Companys

Above. They are Easy and you can be ready to Start Promoting Very Quick.

As for as CPA offer go to Offervalt.com and you will fine evertthing to promote.

It is Crazy at all the products Fiscal and Digital you can promote.

But they are not as easy to promote with them. So I would wait

Till You get some Experience under your Belt.

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